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Lym and Faith

Our Story

Lym(sung) is originally from Korea and I’m from Hawaii. We met in Minnesota where we both attended Macalester College. My original plan was to leave Minnesota after graduation however eventually, we got jobs, bought our first home, and even had three of our kids in St. Paul.

After we had our third child, we realized that we wanted to be closer to family. However, for us, that was a BIG move because either we were headed to Hawaii (maybe the West Coast) or Korea. It was around that time I learned my Grandpa had terminal cancer. Because of that, we decided to move to Hawaii – at least for a few years, so the kids could spend time with their Great-Grandparents. We ended up staying for almost 7 years. LOL.

The decision to move from Hawaii to Korea was two-fold: 1) island living was expensive and Hawaii is, well, in the middle of nowhere and 2) if we wanted our kids to experience living in both countries it was sort of a “now-or-never” kind of moment. Of course, the kids could always move to Korea as adults, but they have actual roots in Korea (unlike my 6th-generation Japanese-American self who has no relatives left in the mother country). If we wanted to live in another country as a family and send our kids to local schools, I felt like we had to do it before the kids got too old. 

So now, here we are in Korea, renting an apartment near Lym’s parents’ condo. From the get-go we had our (sometimes unexpected) challenges, including the fact that we moved right before the Covid pandemic really hit South Korea, so we’ve had to make many adjustments along the way. Regardless, we’re still here and are happy to share our journey with you. Drop us a comment, if you’re in the area or have any questions you think we can answer!^^ 

Meet the Kims

Let’s get to know each other better!

Lym SungDad

I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. I moved to Minnesota in 1996 for college and eventually met Faith. We’ve been together ever since. I’m usually the videographer/photographer of the family. Also, since moving to Korea, I’ve become our family translator and paper administrator. Hopefully, everyone learns Korean quickly! Ha. Thanks for being a part of our journey!

Faith – Mom

I was born and (mostly) raised in Oahu, Hawaii.

When I moved to Minnesota for college, I had no idea that it would eventually take me on this adventure with four kids and a husband from Korea!

Although I don’t know if we’ll be here permanently, I’m glad we’ve been able to spend a few years here. Korea is a beautiful country – despite the many bad air days – and I’m glad we’ve been able to experience living abroad together as a family (especially since the kids are quickly growing up now TT).

Namhoon – Kimlet 1

[He wrote something a few years ago, but the info is outdated. We’ll add something new soon!]

My YouTube channel is Phantom Fire

Bohoon – Kimlet 2

Hello. My name is Bohoon. My dream is to be a well-known YouTuber. I hope everyone has a great time!

My YouTube channel is Awesome Crazy Boy

Esme – Kimlet 3

Hi, I’m Esme but my middle name is Jiyoon so, in Korea, I go by that. I like soccer. I played soccer in a boy’s soccer club here until I graduated from elementary school and now I play for a middle school girls’ team. My favorite food is 삼겹살 (Korean pork belly) and I like to play video games. I was born in Minnesota but spent most of my life in Hawaii – now I’m learning Korean in Korea. I am the only girl out of the kids.

My YouTube channel is Electric Sparkle

Sunghoon – Kimlet 4

Hi, my name is Sunghoon Kim. I love gaming with my sister, brothers, and friends. I play soccer with a team here too.

My YouTube channel is Kimtastic

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